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Shawn Sheikh

Mississauga, Ontario L5A1W9 CANADA

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  • Hometown: MISSISSAUGA
  • Occupation: Executive
  • Occupation Title: SENIOR FINANCE MANGER
  • Interested in Collaboration: Yes
  • Interested in Communities: Yes
  • Interested in CRM: Yes
  • Favorite website: BLOOMBERG
  • Most recent discovery: PALM ISLANDS, DUBAI
  • When I'm not online...: MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING
  • What's interesting about me?: MY PERSONAILTY
  • Favorite movie: SCARFACE
  • Favorite book: A TALE OF TWO CITIES
  • Favorite song: NO MORE PAIN TUPAC SHAKUR
  • Favorite sport: BASKETBALL
  • Favorite sports team: TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS
  • Favorite restaurant: JUNG THAI
  • Favorite club: SEA LOUNGE
  • Favorite color: BLUE
  • Favorite food: THAI
  • Favorite animal: CAT
  • Astrological sign: LIBRA


I am really good at taking care of people that come to visit me at the showroom. My specialty is going that extra mile for the customer and have specialty of dealing with credit situations. I have the best gifts program in Mississauga come get a Honda New or Used from me and get wonderful free gifts with your purchase such as Free Trip to Las Vegas, Flatscreen LCD TV Etc... Please come and show your support to me at HWY 10 & DUNDAS in the one and only best city in the world Mississauga

(905) 896-3500 ext 1111

p.s Honda has some of the best deals right now EVER!

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