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How to write a Review

  1. Click on Add a Review
  2. Type a few words in the title area, for example: Great chicken.
  3. Hover over the stars and click for a star rating. Five stars is an excellent rating.
  4. Add some key words about your experience under Add Tags.
  5. Click Save.

Who can Write a Review

Any registered user can write a review.

Why write a review?

  1. Reviews provide a business or a group feedback that acknowledges a job well done or lets them know to take action to improve.
  2. Reviews are read by others in the community and encourage others to participate.
  3. Honest reviews are crucial.

How do the Stars work?

Each reviewer chooses the number of stars to award the business or group. The number of ratings are used to calculate the overall average rating that is seen next to the business or group name.