The Needle appears to bond with RuneScape gold people

The Needle appears to bond with RuneScape gold people. It secured with Brimrose, turning her blue and carrying her memories. Additionally, it is bonded now with Kerapac and left him blue as well!Could the Crown have similar outcomes? Saradomin himself informs us the Crown picked him:"- - I found a cave that hadn't seen life. . .ever. Inside, I found a gold circlet that called out to me, choosing me. This is the Crown and I knew without hesitation that it was made for me. That I were selected. "He also seems to have problems with some kind of memory reduction. Although, that probably is that those events were a long time back and particulars are easy to forget.

"All I have of them are the memories I take throughout the ages, although I hardly remember the titles of my parents along with the color of my wife's eyes. They are a part of the life of this guy I was before, maybe not the god I am now. "I would say that if authentic, the Crown differs in the Needle at least in a manner in which the practice of bonding is much slower. Maybe this applies to the memory reduction, it does not happen instantly and possibly being a god even supresses it. Saradomin may think his blue color is due to the ascension, but the bonding was finished because he ascended, turning him blue.Could additional artefacts bond with people also? In that case, could they be bonded with buy old school rs gold the World Guardian? Kerapac does say that Elder Artefacts are in their own way smart and living. Elder Artefacts, more than one, possibly all.Perhaps.