the people who pushed for WoW Classic

I didn't know you were playing devil's advocate, if that's the case. There is no point going for the worst, since it will not be wow classic gold what the NoChanges advocates want. I will not, nor will all the people who pushed for WoW Classic, wish to play with a frankenstein's monster of tokens,"class balancing" and other nu-wow features mishmashed in with 1.12 ones. It's either NoChanges (the standard bulletpoints of that which represents such) or bust. Individuals who enjoy nu-WoW will not be satsified with it, nor will the audience who attracted the subject of WoW Classic servers. Also if people loudly and angrily rebel against deviations that were said, blizzard could be steered NoChanges

I concur blizzactivision is a distinct and terrible organization to the first. Let us just hope a multimillion dollar corporation can create a much better"blizzlike" experience than french part-time devs at a basement. Otherwise, no point playing. If anything I would say you should have the mindset. Constantly remind blizzard NoChanges, get loud if they create"pragmatic" changes, don't let them compromize WoW Classic. The mindset people had when nostalrius shutdown. Getting nice and considerate and"looking for the worst" gives them the excuse to do so. What should you think a company fears more? Debate where their product doesn't attract controversy, or really passion that lambasts them across the area that is public? They are fearful of terrible media.

Are you arguing that farming raid consumables for hours makes raiding better? The raid itself is the most part that is challenging. Like Tea states, individuals with time may create from selling to those who don't have some time and have to buy tokens WoW Classic Gold. It's pretty straightforward. Oh, and having a few folks wearing BoE's they purchased with cheap classic wow gold will not'destroy' the game. Raider's will still have exclusive access to the vast majority of the best things.