Site Guidelines

What you can do the least at is to search, navigate or read about your favorite firm, products or services. Membership is FREE, members can create their NiceFirm profiles and pages that describe their business and marketing.

Looking in further details, with on step registration you can get started to post your information and share that with your friends, customers and NiceFirm members. Your pages like information about yourself, details about your business and other useful posts like your blogs, wiki or any discussions you may want to create, all that content is shared and posted automaticlly with site visitors and some of it is posted privately.

Create your profile:

Once you register, you can fill out your profile with something about yourself and information about your personal or professional style. You can edit and modify as you go, make any additional comments and post your preferred photos and start getting people to see it right away.

Create your business profile:

Once you are registered, you can create your business NiceFirm profile by adding the basic information that represent your firm. And you can start adding products and services information linked to your business. Once you add your NiceFirm pages, public and member visitors of the site are able to see that and can share it with other Internet users.

Add more NiceFirm posts:

Associated with your profile you can always link more NiceFirm posts like BLOGs, wiki pages, discussions and more. It is more likely that members add NiceFirm pages about their business, products, services and solutions than about personal profiles. However, adding posts anyway will help your representation on the NiceFirm community and increase your popularity and existence across visitors browsing and search results.

Please read other sections' wiki's for more details.