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How to add a Business

Get more visibility by having your business page with true name, logo, address and contacts. This will improve your business chance to appear in NiceFirm publication and search results.

Choosing your business category is very important to display your listing under the proper business classification. This will help serve NiceFirm audience better and increase business appearance.

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If you're the owner or authorized representative, you can add a business and manage the profile.
If you're a community member that thinks one of your favorite businesses is missing, you can submit that business too.

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Depends on your and your business activity

  • Contribute more information, posts and reviews
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Posts to your business are different than yours

Posts mentioned in the business profile are different than those you write within your personal profile.
For example you may post a Blog related to your account and that will represent something you want to say about yourself, maybe personal or professional. On the other hand you can post another Blog under the business profile which will tell things about your business.