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Created byY. Mohsen
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Site Overview

As the Internet and Social Networking are used widly to connect indiveduals, groups and businesses, we are taking the advantages of the technology to provide our clients and Internet users this community website to share information on NiceFirm pages.

Here are some useful pages for you:

It is very easy and also free to create your NiceFirm page and share it. In a few minutes you can create your NiceFirm your business profile, group or events.

Background & History

Business Networking is emerging and already linking local businesses in social and community websites. As personal and profissional social networking proved potential success among the Internet community, it's also clear and expected that the small business community is on demand to have same level of communication facility.

In 2009 we established nicefirm.com where our clients, representatives and their customers can get together to share and contact with each other. We are connecting both producer and service provider firms to the consumer community with profile pages, reviews, communications and more.

nicefirm.com is taking the steps towards making business and firms representation the next addition you can make to your corporate professional existence in the internet community.

Also this group was created with the initial establishment of nicefrm.com to connect our team and to represent our mesion in a collaborative way..

Management Team

nicefirm.com is managed and motivated by our small team of founders. We are in the enterprenewer phase of or business and very ambesious for future development.

Y. Mohsen (Director)
H. Mohsen (Administration and Marketing).


This group will be active and responsible to update nicefirm.com visitors and members with news and upgrades of service.
Posts will be uploaded as there are additions or changes in our services and policy. Other groups, wiki and blogs will be also available with ideas and project announcements.

Please review our group posts frequently as part of your visite to nicefirm.com..

Philosophy & Culture

As we provide our listing services for FREE, our philosophy comes with a common concept that works same as most of the internet services; it's FREE and will stay FREE, you and your firm can create your profile for free and share that with everyone.

Our revenue model is shaping and focus around sponsorship and advertisement which you do not need to gain the use of almost all of our services.

Contact us for details.

Please review our nicefirm.com terms and conditions for more information.