In our business community there are more options to connect to people and share business information about services and products. A business profile and individuals as well can have now on more varieties to publish and market their ideas.

Thanks to all members, and welcome to the business community...

Despite promotions and classified ads are made easy on our website for members; however there are more options as well to post and share your thoughts of business.

Like you can post ideas in a Blog from time to time for example “Successful business in the current economy” or “I made this recipe and I do not like it”.

You can create a few wikis as well like “LCD Wide display mount XY012 specs and details” or “About our service 2 Kids Daycare + 1 Free”.

This is not what it is all about! Also there is a very good chance to connect to other people in the community, with a little of something you can do, send members on messages. Other help ideas you can do are to write a review about a business or a product or post a comment to someone or about some Blog. What we hope is by time you can find good deals through the listed services.

Please feel free to navigate through and find how you can make your business reach more people and you reach more businesses.

*Important: Improve your profile on NiceFirm App

  • Business Logo
  • 3 or more images
  • Choose a category
  • Accurate address


Here is how to start, have your email address handy:

Register by your favorite login email, that's it.


Maintaining your profile

Once you have your login information, you can check anytime to update your account settings and manage what people can see in your profile. Keep your profile up to date and review our options from time to time because there are always more to do.

Posts about yourself can be done under your profile menu: Blog, Wiki, Classifieds, Documents and more. The more posts you have done the more visits to your profile which makes your account more popular with active contribution to the community.

Please check our wiki “About your profile” for more details.

Your Business Profile

Most likely you will have more than personal information to share. For your business information, you can create a separate profile by selecting “Add a business” button and start posting details about your business.

It is recommended for the business profile to be complete as much as you can. Business address, contacts, website, category and other details are very useful when visitors are browsing a business profile. Also adding your photos are impressive and makes readers remember your profile.

Posts about your business: Blog, Calendar, Wiki, Discussion, Promotions, Classifieds, Documents and more. That can make your profile more detailed and popular for browsing. Maybe it is my personal opinion, a detailed profile will grape attention and serious consideration when looking for business.

It is highly recommended to get people to write reviews about your profile, that shares others' ideas about your business and also increase your credibility. Update your business profile always to include sufficient information, news, events and connections.

Please check our wiki “Adding and modifying a business” for more details.

Adding Product or Service Profile(s)

If you prefer to create a separate business profile or you just have your personal account, posting products and services are always a good way to communicate a specific bundle to your visitors on

Same idea, a product and a service profile are similar to an individual or business profile. But a product or a service profile represents something you are offering for deals and that maybe sold or offered to others.

Posts will be able to add to a product or a service profile: Reviews, Blog, Wiki, Discussion, Documents and Lists. It is highly recommended that you create a wiki for the product to describe its features, benefits and history.

Please check our wiki “Adding and modifying a product” for more details.

Please check our wiki “Adding and modifying a service” for more details.

Your Activity and posts

All our members are welcome to contribute with posts, reviews, comments and more. Please feel free to navigate throw our site to explore more ways to share your business information with others. Adding more about your business like your events or coming promotions will be displayed on the front page of and be there for a while.

Also a note about your activities and a link to your profile will be displayed once you make any changes. Updating your profile, writing a Blog or adding a review will be displayed in our announcement areas and a link to your business profile as well

Please feel free to visit our website periodically to check other people's updates.

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That’s not all, we are trying to explain more of our community site features but you can always check it yourself and discover more.

If you have any question or concern, please give us a shout and we'll do our best to serve you better. Our site address is easy to remember and all you need is to send us a message at your convenient time.

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