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FreeFuelForever Ltd.

(604) 796-2649 2872 Chowat Road Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2 CANADA
Freefuelforever sells and installs the best quality solar water heaters in the world. Home solar energy systems using vacuum tube solar water heaters are explained, along with prices and assembly instructions. Home, hotel and industrial solar water. · Do-it-yourself solar hot water · Swimming pool solar panels
  • Contact Information:
  • Founded: 2001
  • Founder: Walter
  • Headquarters: Seabird Island, Canada
  • Products: Solar energy water heater panels
  • No. of Employees: 10
  • Revenue: $100,000.00
  • Key People: Wen Wen, Hilda
  • Area(s) Served: Canada
  • Hours of operation: 0800-1600
  • Type: Private

FreeFuelForever Ltd.: Save the World, Save Money

FreeFuelForever Ltd. sells and installs high quality solar energy water heater panels. All solar thermal collectors offered utilize high efficiency evacuated tubes. Vacuum tube solar thermal collectors work well even on partially cloudy days and in cold climates.

FreeFuelForever offers two basic kinds of solar water heater systems: simple modular kits that have the solar thermal tank and vacuum tube solar collector integrated together, and a systems with solar collector panel split from the hot water tank Both integrated and split systems can be scaled for larger installations via the addition of solar panels, or additional integrated systems in series.

Simple modular solar water heater kits allow anyone to assemble and being using solar hot water within a few hours. All parts are supplied in the kit, including high efficiency glass heat pipe vacuum tubes, insulated solar hot water storage tank, seals, assembly hardware and corrosion proof extruded Aluminum frame. Assessoriessuch as auto fillers, pumps, electronic controllers and back up heaters are sold to make the operation more convenient, but the basic, manual control model is the best value for the environmentally conscious do-it-yourself person.

Split system solar thermal panels are used for installations that require large, central water storage tanks, pool heaters and space heating. Fully certified and tested, these high pressure heat pipe solar panels can be joined in series to heat any size solar water tank, from 300 liters for a house, to thousands of liters for a hotel. Installation of solar panels split from the hot water tank is more complex than putting the tank and collector together, but the solar collector blends in to the building better, which is important for city zoning and customers who value appearance. A split solar water system can be made independent of the electric grid by using a photovoltaic (PV) solar powered circulation pump.

All FreeFuelForever Ltd. products come with a limited warranty, with an extended service package offered as the client desires. Third world children benefit from free solar water showers via the "Sponsor-a-Shower" registered charity program.

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