Hydorforming is a unique process offers quick, efficient, and reasonably priced metal forming technique with minimum material wastage. MuShield’s sixty plus years of experience guarantee high quality magnetic shielding components and excellent customer satisfaction.

There are different types of magnetic shields that can be used for different projects. If you want a moderate magnetic shielding then you can use a corrosion resistant magnetic shield plate. This plate is ideal if cost is a major factor. It is large and covers an area of 24 X 48 X .0235 inches. It weighs 8 pounds per sheet and if position and size are optimized it can reduce magnetic field by 80%.

It is good for covering breaker panel or sliding behind a smart meter or solar panel inverter. It has a lightly brushed finish and is very attractive. Even the edges are resistant to corrosion.  It can be cut and bent with sheet metal rods.

Magnetic Shield Fabrication

The company has been in magnetic shielding for over 60 years and has provided magnetic shields for the state, world and also for outer space. They have also provided magnetic shields for jet propulsion lab to enable the atomic clock to work according to expectation. They provide magnetic shielding for hospitals on a regular basis as the doctors diagnose diseases that are life- threatening with their MRI machines.

For the last 60 years, they have produced microcosm for magnetic shielding solution and are trying to produce new magnetic solutions for magnetic shielding for the future. The company is the unparalleled leader in the magnetic shielding industry.

Magnetic Shields

MuMetal is the most popularly used alloy for shielding purposes. To an applied magnetic field it has high susceptibility and it easily accepts the flow of magnetic field. This property can be used to redirect it to the areas we wish to be free of the field.

There are companies that have been dealing with magnetic shields for over 40 years. They have supplied a wide range of products which are custom fabricated. This is a one-stop shop for those who need magnetic shielding for any purpose. You can get simple components to complete assemblies that range from prototype parts to full run productions.

They supply quality products with continuous improvement. They are committed to timely delivery and customer satisfaction. They also offer engineering kit online which consists of two AD-MU-80 magnetic shielding alloys that are 4 feet in length. They also provide AD-MU-00 that has a length of 4 feet. This online offer is at a special reduced price.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is surrounding cables and magnet materials with magnetic or conductive materials to protect against outgoing or incoming emissions of electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic shielding is done for a wide range of reasons the most popular one being the prevention of electromagnetic intervention from disturbing sensitive electronics. One component is prevented from affecting the other in a particular device by using shields of metallic mesh.

In a smartphone, there is a metallic shield to protect the cellular transmitter from electronics. In mobile phones, there are radiation shields to reduce the amount of radio frequency energy that might be absorbed by the user.


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