Cancer Pro Diet Care referred to the uncontrollable growth of body cells. When the cancer starts developing in cervix, this is referred to cervical cancer. Cervix is called the lower and the narrow end of the part called uterus. The cervix is a lower and narrow end of uterus. The cervix is attached to the vagina and to upper part of uterus. It is a part of the body through which a woman gives birth to a baby. Many countries have proper screening tests or vaccines in regard to the treatment of this disease.
Kinds of Cervical Cancer
The two types of cervical cancer are as follows;-
1. Squamous Cell Cancer
Squamous Cell Cancer is the commonest of the cervical cancers. It starts developing in cells of the outer part of vagina. A Pap test can detect early changes in cell which leads to this cancer.
2. Adenocarcinoma
This cancer type is uncommon among the cervical cancers. This cancer starts developing in glandular cells. These cells are present in cervical canal. The Pap test does not detect early cell changes of this cancer.
Symptoms of This Disease
Some symptoms of cervical cancer are as follows:
• An abnormal bleeding from Pro Diet Care or a change in the menstrual cycle which a woman is not able to explain.
• A feeling of pain during the sex.
• Vaginal discharge with blood.
Treatments of Cervical cancer
There are a large number of treatments for cervical cancer such as;-
1. Surgery
Three types of surgery are available for cervical cancer. They are:-
• Pelvic Exenteration
A major operation in which the vagina, bladder, womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries are removed.
• Radical Trachelectomy
The cervix, the tissue and upper part of vagina are removed leaving the womb in its place.
• Radical Hysterectomy
The womb and cervix are removed and it all depends on a particular stage of the cancer.
2. Removal of abnormal cells
If an individual (woman) is having some biological changes which could lead to this cancer, she should take the help of laser therapy, cone biopsy, cold coagulation and cryotherapy.
3. Radiotherapy
This therapy is used for the early stage of stage one cancer. This therapy also combines with Chemotherapy in order to treat advanced stages cervical cancers. Radiotherapy can be provided in two ways- externally and internally. An external radio therapy beams into the pelvis in order to destroy cancer cells. In internal radiotherapy, a radioactive implant is put in your vagina.
Although there is no cure for this disease especially in advanced stages, yet medications are available to provide a long life to the patients

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