Many of us know our health is important to us - and our dental health is just as important. Just like we need to make sure we eat the right things, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep, we also need to make sure we have a good dental plan. In this article, we provide helpful advice on how to find the best dentist in Auckland.

1.      Your dental health is important

Dental work, even light dental work, is often seen as an expensive luxury. But your dental health is important and it’s a vital part of your entire health and wellbeing. Oral health has been linked to heart and circulation problems, so it’s no simple task of finding a good dentist.


2.      What is a ‘good’ dentist?

Like any good health practitioner, a good dentist should be helpful and provide advice that best suits your own dental requirements – not someone who will provide a carbon copy response for every patient.


A good dentist will make sure to put you at ease, and unless it’s for a very good reason you should always have appointments with the same practitioner for every appointment. If dentists are consistently leaving a practice, that’s a huge red flag for patients.


3.      Seek out reviews

The best dentist in Auckland will have great, honest reviews – honesty is the key word here - if the reviews sound fake chances are they might be. Look for great recommendations for the best dentist and make your own enquiries from friends and family members. The best recommendations often come from first-hand experience, plus it will also prepare you for what to expect when you arrive.


4.      Expensive isn’t always the best

Remember, expensive dental treatment doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best treatment. Likewise, a dental practice offering low prices or too-good-to-be-true discounts are less likely to provide quality care.


Look at a few different practices to see how their prices measure up. You should find their fees are around the same as each other, minus any discounts.


Don’t get swayed by ‘new patient’ deals – make sure to check the prices of any follow-up treatments, or you could find that discount starts to look very expensive.


5.      What work do you need?

Consider why you need to look for a new dentist – what work do you need? You always have the option of discussing any extensive treatment with your dentist, and if you’re not happy with the advice or recommendations then it’s perfectly fine to request a second opinion.


Consider what kind of work you need – this will help determine how you can find the best dentist in Auckland in no time at all! From simple teeth whitening to root canals, the amount and complexity of work you need aren’t important – what is imperative in your search is that you find a quality dentist, so if the time comes when you do need some extensive work, you’re already in safe hands.