Tamil wedding is a simple and sacred visual affair to tie a nuptial knot of the matchmaking couple for a lifetime relationship. Tamilians are extremely attached with their cultural and religious customs to celebrate their significant matrimony occasion. Tamil marriage is not an extravagant pomp and show ceremony even it follows simple ways of matrimonial ceremony celebrations. Tamilians prefer to include each custom affair towards the big day wedding ceremony. It is a simple styled wedding, but varying custom celebrations are fun-loving and joyous to make cheerful mood of the participants. They have invited distant relatives, family friends and chief guests to participate in the matrimony. A marriage is incomplete without the colorful celebrations fun and masti.  

                                    Tamil Wedding Costume 

Wedding day costume must be gorgeous and fascinating choice to look very smart at the special day. Tamil bride prefers traditional Silk Saree along with customary jewelry to get stunning look. When it comes to Tamil groom choice is traditional White Shirt and Dhoti or even modern choice may be changed to look smart and fashionable at the wedding.                                                     

                             Tamil Wedding Custom and Rituals 

These are the significance of cultural beliefs are included during the matrimonial occasion. Tamil matrimony custom and traditions make it a joyous ceremony about celebrations.  


It is an initial step to match horoscope or nakshtra of the selected bride and groom to tie a nuptial knot. This custom determines major consideration like an auspicious wedding date and time to unite couples.  

Panda Kaal Muhurtham 

This is a worship ceremony performed by both families either at their homes or visit temple to seek the blessings for good luck. This is especially for peaceful and happier ending of the couple’s holy union.


It is an official engagement ceremony begins with Lord Ganesh worship at the bride’s home. Groom’s family visit to the bride’s house to accomplish essential custom ceremonies as they offer saree gift and puts tilak on her forehead.   

Kashi Yatra 

At this ceremony groom just show off not interested to marry with a selected bride. Here the father of bride recalls him the importance of marriage and a life partner after this groom arrives at the mandap.  

Maalai Maatral 

This is a first step bride and groom takes together by exchanging floral garlands for tying a nuptial knot as a loving life partner.  


Kanyadaan is the greatest charity given by the bride’s father wherein he handovers her daughter in the hand of the groom to take care of her for entire life.


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