When we see companies such as Blendtec Will it blend  Motioney Review and ColourNote gaining such a huge advantage, from an engaging, exciting corporate video, it is no wonder companies are feeling such pressure to compete in the world of corporate video production. Despite this modern pressure, we must remain, as professionals, aware of the basic dos and don'ts to avoid the many possible negatives that come with audience perception of corporate video productions.

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If your corporate video is to be a success it needs to be a priority, and like any business priority this needs to be planned meticulously. Who is your target audience How does your company function What is the style and tone that will connect effectively with your audience The accessibility of corporate videos makes market research and planning much easier. It is important to ask clients to identify videos they think have the right look, feel and tone. Also look at competitors' videos and identify how they can do better and where you can find a gap in the video production market. From there you can develop a unique concept and story that connects with your potential clients and customers.

A common misconception of corporate promotion is that it has to be clean, concise, and to a certain extent, cold. Powerful, emotional, vibrant videos are engaging to all audiences and, with the correct planning, do not have to disregard wider brand image. A good way of achieving this vibrancy is to portray your company as a story with a clear beginning, middle and end. Try to capture footage to support chapters, or scenes, and to have visual triggers to portray the arc of the company story. The Sharpie "Start with a Sharpie" campaign was a great example of corporate story telling. Rather than sell, sell, sell the product, the Sharpie mantra was to tell a story that build trust and rapport with their audience.


Clients may find your company story more interesting than you think, and if working in a business to business environment many companies will relate and take greater interest in the ground upwards image of your company's story.Another common mistake in making corporate videos is trying to cram in every detail and achievement of your company. It is important to remember, as your main source of views, YouTube has created a huge market for digital videos and in the process it has shortened our attention span. Videos are 12 times more likely to be viewed than text in an online environment, which is another reason to capitalise on corporate video but also emphasises the often short attention span of online consumers. When viewers know that a video of cute kittens is just one click away, they may not want to spend more than three or four minutes with your message, however informative it may be.

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