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Seb Lessard

Ottawa, Ontario K1C 4N3 CANADA

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My Profile is an "MLS" for new homes, featuring the choice in new homes offered by homebuilders in regional housing markets. We currently present future home buyers the choice in new homes in the Ottawa and Gatineau Region, featuring over 2,000 new home listings in over 140 new residential communities in the nation's capital region. Our services are FREE to use for homebuilders, home buyers and real estate agents.

In the upcoming months, will be expanding its reach into new Ontario Housing Markets and help homebuilders promote the choice in quality housing they have to offer in their region. To do so, we'll be looking to create partnerships with individuals and businesses who feel they would have the ability to use our funtionality and services to help local homebuyers in their search for the perfect home.

You're invited to visit to see how we're changing the way new homes will be promoted in regional markets, and how our website facilitates the searching process for new homes.

Every Builder, every plan...any dream!

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    Seb Lessard Currently featuring over 1,500 new home listings from over 50 homebuilders in the Ottawa region

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