whiteboard animation videos have become a popular marketing tool in recent years. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, businesses are finding that videos in general are one of the best ways to connect with audiences. Videos give you a way to combine words and pictures in an entertaining format to explain your product or business. What’s so special, however, about whiteboard animation videos in particular?

Features of Whiteboard Animation VideosThese are simple yet engaging videos that show someone drawing images on a whiteboard or other surface. If you have ever seen such a video, you know that they have a way of capturing your attention. There is something hypnotic about watching the words or images unfold on the whiteboard. This makes these videos an extremely effective tool for anyone trying to deliver a message in a compelling manner.


These type of videos take advantage of the short attention span of the average viewer. By keeping the viewer’s eyes focused on the constantly changing images, it’s possible to keep people paying attention. The animation can be combined with a voiceover to make the presentation even more informative and interesting.

Advantages Over Other Types of Videos

There are quite a few ways to make videos. The most common formats are:

  • Webcam videos, where someone simply speaks into the camera.
  • Videos shot with cameras or phones.
  • Slideshow videos made with a program such as PowerPoint.
  • Slideshow videos made using a service such as Animoto.

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