Every man feels embarrassed to talk about erectile dysfunction (impotence), yet it is the most common men’s health issue nowadays.

Every man feels embarrassed to talk about erectile dysfunction (impotence), yet it is the most common men’s health issue nowadays. Unfortunately, the sense of embarrassment keeps men from consulting their doctor and even when they get help, they usually end up with the ineffective results from their ED medication.

If you are wondering why those ED pills are not working the way they should work, here are a few tips that might help you to experience the efficacy.

Increase your dose

This may sound a bit weird, but impotence medicine such as Generic Viagra is one type of medicine where a higher dose is strongly recommended. Men with moderate to severe impotence will not experience the drug effects if they take it in lower potencies.

If you fail to get results at your current dose, check with your doctor and ask whether it is safe to increase the dose. The fact is most men need a stronger dose of medicine in order to experience the effects, but many stop before even finding this out.

Keep an eye on what you eat

Generic Viagra will not exhibit its effect if you take it with food. Most men assume that an ED medicine needs to be taken with or after food. The fact is that Generic Viagra is more effective when taken on an empty stomach. So, always keep this in mind when you consider taking any dose of Generic Viagra.

Give time

One of the common mistakes most men make while undergoing treatment with Generic Viagra is assuming that it will work quickly. Actually, the medicine needs at least one hour to get fully absorbed into the bloodstream. So, one should not try to indulge in sexual activity soon after taking a pill. Allow your body to feel the effects of the drug and then you can begin with real test.

Do not lose hope too quickly

Since ED is a frustrating condition, most men want quick results and when they fail to get it after trying Generic Viagra for the first time, they assume it is not going to work. In fact, your body takes some time to acclimate to a medicine. Hence, it is imperative that you try more than once before you lose hope. Most physicians recommend trying Generic Viagra at least twice before concluding it does not work.

Keep your options open

Remember that when it comes to ED medication, there are many options available, so do not give up very quickly. If Generic Viagra is not working for you, you may need other impotence medications such as Generic Cialis or Generic Levitra.

Everybody is different and you may not respond to a particular medicine the same as another. So, you need to keep patience and find the medicine that is suitable and works best for you.

The aim is to getting medicines to work!

Erectile Dysfunction is tough and it is absolutely natural to become frustrated, but it is imperative to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and give Generic Viagra a chance to overcome your suffering. More importantly, remember that no ED medication offers a miracle cure.

Gratifying sexual performance is not just about taking a pill; it is important to ensure that your body is sexually aroused. Impotence medicine is just a kind of stimulus to the impulse created during sexual activity; you need to be sure that you are doing the best.

Never let impotence get the better of you, talk to your doctor and take Viagra Online Generic the right way. You are certainly going to say goodbye to impotence for good.