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Poultry Treadle Feeder 12 kg

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This poultry treadle feeder would have to be the best there is on the market, so much thought has gone into this unit that it would please any poultry enthusiast. This treadle feeder can be adjusted to suit small bantams (250 grams, such as Dutch bantams, Japanese Bantams, Seabrights, etc) through to large birds (2 kg or greater, Australorps, Orpingtons, etc) in it’s unique 6 position adjustments. The design of this innovative new treadle feeder reduces vermin problems and food waste Stepping on the mechanical treadle, the bird opens the tilt door that gives access to the feed A rubber bumper prevents the tilt door from hitting the feeder back wall to reduce noise Designed not to be opened by small animals such as wild birds, mice and rats To train your birds to use the feeder, simply weigh the treadle for a few days allowing free access to the feed. The weight can be removed once they are regularly feeding from the treadle feeder These feeders are weather proof and are suitable for

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