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Philadelphia Chimney Repair

(215) 515-4161 Philadelphia, PA 19149

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Contact us for all your chimney care, maintenance, and repair needs. With our speedy and dependable service, your property's chimney will be clean, clear, and free of any issues that may prevent you from being able to fully enjoy your fireplace. Neglecting your chimney may cause a lot of trouble and maintenance is the key to making sure that the fireplace system is not penetrated by water. Chimney contractors often perform tuckpointing as one of the procedures. This procedure involves removing damaged mortar, and the new mortar would give the stability and protection the chimney needs. Also, brickwork can also be damaged by moisture and it should also need to be replaced. Chimney repairs can be done if damaged is serious. Chimney linings get too much stress that includes heat and even deposits of flammable substances like creosote. The lining’s condition can be worsening as the moisture combines with the creosote.

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