Selecting the right blow molding machine is critical to the quality of the finished product. Learn about the characteristics of this machinery to make a well-informed decision.

As a highly sought-after product, the blow molding machine consists of multiple characteristics. Although the blow molding machine manufacturer you purchase equipment from will provide professional assistance, it never hurts to gain insight yourself. That way, when you start looking at blow molding machinery, you’ll feel more confident with the decision-making process.

The Production Process

One of the first characteristics is the production process itself. Although not overly complicated, you still need to select the right blow molding machinery. This process entails five steps. The first one involves mixing, melting, and then pushing the plastic material so that it forms a parison. This tube is what the machine uses to make the finished product.

Next, the mold, which the molten resin goes into, is what gives the part its desired shape. The mold has two halves that clamp together around the parison. From there, the blow molding machine forces high-pressure air into the parison, expanding it. Once the mold cools, the plastic sets to the shape. At that point, the finished product ejects from the machine.

Raw Materials

The plastic materials used with blow molding machinery are just as important. After all, the caliber of the material has a direct impact on the quality of the completed product — good or bad. Along with the appropriate type of plastic, you need to understand the plastic resin properties and the cost of the material. Also, you should have knowledge of the processing properties as well as what your objectives are for the finished product.

The Parison

Because a blow molding machine uses a parison to make a specific product, it too is another important characteristic. An easy way to identify with this process is to think of blowing a bubble with gum. Blow molding machinery works in much the same way. That means the machine forces air into the plastic, which is what expands it.

The quality of the parison is critical. If the air pressure is too high, the parison would end up with thin walls that rupture. That would affect the integrity of the product. When you buy machinery from a reputable blow molding machine manufacturer, you have the assurance of buying equipment capable of producing a quality parison and therefore, quality product.

Additional Characteristics

As for actual blow molding machinery, a superior product boasts an incredible exterior and internal design. Some of the specific elements include:

Mold Cavity — The mold cavities of machinery sold by a top blow molding machine manufacturer have integrity. In other words, both the inner and outer walls have a consistency that ensures a precision product.

Heat — The heat required to melt the plastic must reach a specific temperature. Otherwise, this could compromise the material and the process. Again, the right manufacturer offers machinery with high-tech features that meet strict industry standards.

Cooling — The cooling aspect of a blow molding machine is just as critical. Otherwise, you could struggle to control warpage, dimensions, and surface appearance.

Top-of-the-line Machinery

The blow molding machinery that we offer at Pet All Manufacturing is top-of-the-line. The design ensures accurate and precise finished products. For details about our machines and help in selecting the right one, give us a call.