And he looked directly at me. Felt sooo good.

I'll tell you why the fans are a lot of MLB 19 the show stubs fucking complaining sluts. Texas Rangers were up two games to zero the Blue Jays comeback Jose Bautista flips his Bat chalked pumped full of emotion.They had not been to the postseason since they last won the World Series back . He was pumped up he flipped his Bat big fucking deal LOL Texas got eliminated first round and what would the Rangers do they were bitter and pissed off because they dropped and Jose flipped his Bat.

They waited until the last meeting between the two clubs throughout the regular season to do something about it. Now that's truly pathetic! And then the Blue Jays eliminate them at a sweep! Therefore the Texas Rangers lovers can say whatever they want it doesn't matter. The simple fact of the matter is the Texas Rangers will forever be known as nothing but a bunch of Choke artists and also Toronto's playoff bitch!!? I know bull shitters, you are a bull shitter. You don't have any idea man so today you got to lie to make it sound like you do. Anybody that played a team game would know that when one leaps in we all leap in. That is always the mentality. The very fact that you are asking the question implies you don't know that. And if you don't understand that, it's because you never played.

I was answering somebody else's question and he replied to me, the same way you're doing now. I didn't say anything to this man, dumb dumb! I can care less if she cares about my opinion. The same way I do not care about your dumb opinion. However, I guess you feel like you want to be heroes. It makes sense, particularly for him. He won't become a fight on the field when his friends need him, but he's got the balls to start his mouth online. You little turd totes are all the same. I recall MLB The Show 19 the pirates destroyed Max Scherzer's best match by jumping in front of a ball. When Jose Tabata(the guy who jumped in front) came up to the plate I yelled"next time get hit with the bat instead of the chunk jackass!" And he looked buy MLB 19 Stubs directly at me. Felt sooo good.