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Due to missing party functions

But what if you can not play online with or against friends online ? That's what the owners of the FIFA 18 version of the Nintendo Switch need to know for themselves While the implementation already has to do without some features, such as the story mode The Journey Returns, online mode does not offer a party feature. In return, this means that you can not invite your own friends to play games on the Internet with them. Such a feature should actually be standard and it was probably hardly expected that such a possibility will not be included.

But how is this problem? Firstly, Nintendo has no party feature built into the operating system of the switch and thus stands easy multiplayer matches in the way. Although this was regulated in other games, such as Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon 2, by specially developed options within the game fifa 18 free points, but really satisfactory they never worked. On the other hand, EA Sports probably did not consider to develop a similar system itself to allow the buyers of the game such a - seemingly normal - function.


On the Internet, the voices of disappointed and angry buyers are gathering who took such an implementation for granted. For example, the forum platform NeoGAF is already discussing whether a patch could solve the problem. It is also questioned whether it would not be time for Nintendo fifa 18 free fut coins to develop a basic system for the switch and thus enable "normal" online play in the future as well.


Even if the switch conversion was online so not working well, it provides a local multiplayer mode, you in the two switch coupled together and handhelds can compete against each other in matches. A small consolation for friends of pure online gaming.

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