Conclusively, global experts form the related industry are not pretty much sure that it might help them rank their content up on the SERPs neither it has been observed by the majority but, it really looks like a great new smart development from Google.

In the year 2016, Google announced an open-source initiative named as AMP that addresses the growing demand of faster mobile browsing to its users. Many industry critics concluded that Google has brought AMP in order to better compete with the Facebook Instant Article and many other high performing mobile apps that offers swift web browsing which is undeniably true to a greater extent.

How Google’s AMP work?

AMP is a highly performance centric inclusion and development by Google in the quest of delivering brilliant mobile web browsing experience to its users, said a well-established company that offers services for software development in Singapore.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) by Google works simply by identifying and adequately suggests up AMP optimized pages with greater focus on its search results whereas traditional HTML based articles follow the search results right below AMP optimized pages. AMP delicately optimizes the web pages by making them more content centric and less graphic intensive based on what we have observed till now while in the presence of only a few live examples as shown by the industry experts.

How to install AMP in WordPress?

Just like many other plugins, WordPress has provided a free Google AMP plugin that can be easily downloaded and install on the website with fewer setting requirements. Experts with experience in software development in Singapore added that it is one of the best value addition in terms of bringing brilliance for the mobile users.

Google support for AMP

Similar to other value added features Google provides complete support and website compliance to its users by providing them a very finite and comprehensive error report if something goes wrong or if your web pages still need to be transformed further.