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Janan H. Gelyana

Oakville, Ontaro L6M 3E3 CANADA

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Böller-Group today, is a key player in the Supply and Repair of Construction and Food Processing Equipment, Böller-Group one of the world leaders in the industry, concrete Plant equipment, Industrial Food Processing Equipment & Integrated AC/DC Drive Packaged systems. From the challenges facing our industry to the attention that we give to each of our:

Customers, current and future employees, partners, local communities,

Today, more than ever, you’re taking on more project responsibilities and risk. Business is changing, and with change, come challenges. Trust Boller-Group for solutions, you’ve always been able to count on our equipment, Products, technology and support to meet your business needs. But we’re also working hard to help you overcome industry challenges by delivering solutions that go beyond equipment and service solutions like:

Our product line & Services includes:

- On -site equipment repair and diagnosis

- Turnkey Project Management

- Drive System Solutions

- Industrial Food Processing Equipment (New & Rebuilt)

- Construction Equipment (New & Rebuilt)

- Machinery and equipment designed to meet stiffer regulations

- Expert consulting from equipment selection to system planning

- Training programs for operator efficiency, safety and productivity

- Start-up & commissioning

- Flexibility for current and future requirements and customer demands

-24/7 emergency service (Supply & Repair)

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