Invisalign is generally is great product to treat crooked teeth. However, St Albans Dentists have compiled some important things about the good and bad features that patients shared to them.



1.      You are not free to eat anything you want. There are certain limitations about the food and drinks you take. Things that can stain your teeth should be avoided since these might stick to the tray.

2.      Elastics, buttons and attachments. Every patient’s case is different from the next. Some may need elastics, while other do not. Whatever your case is, you will have to deal with at least one of these three.

3.      You will have to change your daily hygiene routine. You have to brush and floss your teeth at least three times a day. To some people this may be a positive. However, if you are wearing elastics, buttons and attachments, this may take time especially when you are on your one-hour lunch break.

4.      You have to wear them for about 22 hours per day. That will leave you with only two hours to eat, brush and floss your teeth and gums. Some people might need more time than that. This might be a hassle for them.

5.      There might be times when nothing seems to be happening. The reason for this is that you do not have to visit your dentist as often since these moulds are designed to make adjustments one time only.

6.      Triangle gaps. Once you get your teeth straightened up, you might end up with some triangle gaps near the gums, between the teeth. Your dentist might have to fill these gaps.

7.      A slight lisp. Some patients get a slight lisp from wearing the trays.

8.      There are some conditions that Invisalign might not be able to straighten out totally. However, the results are still better than other forms of treatment.


1.      It comes with whitening trays that are free.

2.      It is unseen. People hardly notice you are wearing Invisible Braces St Albans.

3.      The ClinChek Videos are amazing. It gives you an idea of what your teeth will become after the whole treatment. Although these are just projections, most results are quite close to it.

All of these things should factor in if you decide to get the Invisalign treatment.