“Do you want to rent a luxury car? Always opt for Ferrari 458 Italia. To know more about this car, read this article.”

Are all your buds bringing their sleek and stylish sports cars for the prom night to impress all the divas present at the event? And, you don’t want to visit the prom because you don’t have one and you won’t be able to stand out in the crowd? Well, don’t be sad! So what if you can't afford one? You can always rent one for a day and make a grand entry to your high school's prom party. Sounds great, isn’t it? Therefore, waste no more time and look for a reputed and reliable car rental company in your city.

If you are living in Beverly Hills, then finding a car rental company won’t be difficult for you. Why? Of course, because there are numerous car rental services in this vibrant city of California, USA. However, don’t choose any random company; research well before you stick to one company. Now, you must be thinking, which luxury car should you rent, right? Well, that’s a difficult choice. But, if you ask me which one I prefer the most then I would say, it has to be Ferrari 458 Italia. And the best part is that this model is available in almost every car rental company. So, you can undoubtedly choose a Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills.

Reasons Why Ferrari 458 Italia is Better than Spider

Now, you might wonder why did I pick Ferrari 458 Italia, when there’s another new model -Ferrari 458 Spider, right? Well, to be very honest, the new model is getting more hype just because it is convertible and hence, more appealing. But for me, the performance and the comfort of riding matter more than the appearance. Hence, if I had to choose a Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills, I would choose the 458 Italia.

Here are a couple of specialties that Ferrari 458 Italia has; take a look.

  • The cabin noise of Italia is much lesser than Spider.
  • The HVAC system in the Ferrari 458 Spider is not as good as in the Italia model.
  • Ferrari 458 Italia has 2” more headroom than Spider (probably because of the “convertible factor”).
  • In Ferrari 458 Spider, the top speed is reduced by 4 MPH. So obviously, that’s a big letdown; after all, it’s a sports car! But if your hire Ferrari 458 Italia, you don’t have to worry about such factors. 

So now, don’t you think you must opt for Italia over Spider? If your answer is a yes, then please waste no more time and rent one immediately. However, before you rent this car from a rental service, here are a couple of things you must scrutinize.

• Check the Car’s Exterior: Before renting a Ferrari 458 Italia, you must thoroughly check its exterior to look for scratches and dents. If you find any, immediately show it to the car rental company’s owner/manager so that they don’t get a chance to blame you for the scars and charge additional money.

• Check the Car’s Functionality: Next, you must request the owner/manager to let you take a test-drive so that you can check if the car is functioning properly or not. If it doesn’t, then immediately let them know, and ask them to replace the car. You must follow this tip even when you are booking other luxury cars for rent Beverly Hills.

Now, when you know why Ferrari Italia is the better choice and what you must check prior renting it, why waste more time? Visit a reputed car rental company and book it immediately. And if you want to know how to rent Bentley Bentayga Beverly Hills, keep following my articles.

Author Bio: Eric Burton owns a car rental company that gives a wide variety of luxury cars for Rent Beverly Hills. If you want to know about Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills, read his articles. You’ll also get to know how you can rent Bentley Bentayga Beverly Hills.