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Starts May 16, 2017 9:00 AM
Expires June 29, 2017 9:00 AM (10 months ago)

EONS also Caters the unique Tech.
we make your future bright

On successful completion of the  ONLINE TRAINING program, EONS also Caters the unique specifications of each individual sitting at remote location. The course curriculum and schedule can be customized to meet your training parameters.

Tags: online training

How to use Promotions

  1. Click Add a promotion.
  2. Create a heading (title).
  3. Write a brief description that will display on up to two lines.
  4. Enter the dates your promotion begins and ends.
  5. Select the appropriate category.
  6. Write the content of your promotion that will appear when a user clicks on this promotion from the home page.
  7. Press Save.

Where do Promotions appear?

In the left column on the Home page. Promotions are displayed in random order.

Who can place a Promotion?

Only a business manager can place a promotion.

Why use Promotions?

Promotions are free advertising to generate interest in your business. Offering a discount or announcing a sale encourages customers to visit your site as well as your business.