National Work Zone Awareness Week


Every spring, the weather takes a turn for the better, flowers blossom, days grow longer, and the annual National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) campaign kicks off—at what is also known as the beginning of road construction season. The motivation behind NWZAW is to remind drivers to use extra caution in work zones.

This year’s Go Orange Day is Wednesday, April 11, and all roadway safety professionals (and all their many backers) are encouraged to proudly wear orange in strong support of work zone safety. The idea behind NWZAW is to show our support of the roadway safety industry—especially to those families who’ve lost loved ones in work zones.

Unfortunately, work zones are some of the most dangerous places on the road, and a substantial number of people are injured in them each year. If you have been hurt while traveling through a work zone, you should speak to a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer immediately in order to fully explore your legal options.

A Bit of History

It was in 1999 that several localized agencies came together to launch the first official NWZAW in support of several important goals:

  • To decrease work zone fatalities and injuries by raising awareness of the need for motorists to exercise more caution when driving through work zones 
  • To establish and promote uniform safety tips for work zone driving 
  • To promote training and best practices related to work zone safety among the private sector, roadway workers, and industries 
  • To help roadway workers and contractors better understand motorists’ responses to traffic delays—such as those caused by road construction—and to educate them on the steps they can take to lessen these motorist’s negative driving behaviors 
  • To enhance outreach efforts to those entities involved with work zone safety and to align stronger partnerships. 

The first official NWZAW kickoff event was hosted in Springfield, Virginia, in 2000. The annual kickoff event now moves from city to city each year. This year’s event is being held in Chicago on April 10 by its host, the Illinois Department of Transportation, which will be followed by Go Orange Day on April 11.

The Memorial

Additionally, the Foundation is a nonprofit that supports those families who’ve lost loved one in work zone accidents. The Foundation sponsors an annual Memorial that travels the nation each year to spread safety awareness as it relates to roadway work zones.

Road Construction Season

Each year, NWZAW kicks off in a different selected state at the beginning of road construction season. Road construction is a fact of life, and though many motorists think of it as no more than an inconvenience, it’s actually an important manifestation of our nation’s safety infrastructure, which helps to keep our roads safer for everyone who travels on them. On April 11 this year, go ahead and don something orange in support of National Work Zone Awareness Week.

If You Were Injured in a Work Zone Accident, You Need an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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