Endnote: Whether you opt for fluid design or responsive design, all you need to maintain a graceful transformation. Your website must not lose its aesthetics and UI. 

We are living in the era of handheld devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads. People are actively using these devices for web browsing, emailing and shopping. This has doubled the responsibility of web designers and developers to create a website, which appears correctly across the screens of all devices. A responsive website design offers the most suitable solution to fulfillthis resolution requirement.


What is mobile friendliness?


Even Google has taken this requirement seriously & made an announcement on April 21 2015 to include mobile-friendliness of website as ranking factor. This change will be implemented on mobile searches made in all of the languages across the world. This will significantly impact Google Search results. After Google decision to consider mobile experience while raking websites in the search results, this has become inevitable for every business to design their websites to offer satisfying user experience across screens of multiple devices. If you are website design company in california and want to rank high for particular keywords in Google, then your website must deliver the fastest and highly accessible desktop and mobile friendly experience to its visitors. Otherwise, search engine will rank your competitors website high.  


What is mobile-first index?


Mobile-first index is Googles initiative to improve its search results for the users of all devices. After integrating the algorithm of mobile-first index, Google started crawling the content of mobile version of a site to rank pages from that site. Besides this, the new algorithm also understand structured data and show snippets from pages in search results. As, all of the sites indexed in the Google are listed on the basis of mobile-first index, search results will be significantly improved for all users. Irrespective of the devices they used to access websites.


How to make your site compatible for all screens? 

Although practically it’s not possible to design a website that looks exactly same on all platforms, browsers and screen resolutions, so don’t aim for this. Instead you should choose to develop a responsive design. Fluid layout without tables and with % widths will also let your sites adjust on its own after expansion and contraction to fit itself in browser or screen of the device.