How people have fought against discrimination

How people have fought against discrimination



How people have fought against discrimination



Many employees face discrimination. The ADA, ADEA, Title VII Civil Rights Act and OSHA’ s whistleblower laws help females, minorities, disabled or mentally challenged employees either get and keep their jobs. Also, any employee who files a complaint is protected by the OSHA’ s whistleblower and civil rights laws.


Prior to 1960, there was a lot of discrimination. Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Vice-President Dan Quail have played a major role in alleviating discrimination.


President Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in 1898. This brought freedom to the African Americans. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects minorities, females, and employees in non-traditional professions keep their jobs. Non-traditional professions are a reference when female works in a traditionally male environment such as engineering, construction, computer field, etc. Also, it protects males that are in traditionally female professions such as nursing, daycare, hostess, etc.


     President, John F. Kennedy played a vital role in the civil rights movement. The 1960’s were years when African Americans and other minorities were recognized in employment places due to the Civil Rights Act. Martin Luther King and so many people spoke and publicized equal rights for all people. Without these movements, we would be stuck back in the 1960’s where segregation played a role in society. I am glad we have diversity to be the number 1 nation in the world by contributing globally through American influences. Some of the American influences are the Army, Navy, Air-Force, and Marines plus USA companies going overseas. The USA is a role model for fairness when it comes to hiring a diversified workforce. A lot of societies are affected by blood is thicker than water, the caste system in India, and other racial differences. These type of attitudes does not help employees get fair treatment in other countries as well as in the USA.


Vice-President Dan Quail played a key role in creating the Joint Training Partnership Act(JTPA). This helped displaced employees such as homemakers, people who cannot get rehired in their field due to disabilities or attrition, single moms, etc. get training and help for daycare, gas expenses, etc. This has been replaced by other programs for youth, women, and men. I believe JTPA helped you train to your fullest potential. Current programs give you minimal training and low paying jobs, unlike the JTPA program.


My mom, Sandy Dwyer, worked closely with ADA organizations. She was a member of the USA Congress. She handled complaints in reference to ADA and Civil Rights Act. Many employees were terminated because of their differences. She has processed many complaints and tried to get their job back by mediation.


My mom has closely worked with BVR employees. BVR stands for Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. One of her clients had back problems. Due to her disability, she received a scholarship. Since my mom was a BVR contractor she was able to help this lady pass her math class to obtain her degree. There are many examples and miracles she was able to put in place.


The OSHA whistleblower act is a key because it protects employees and citizens from filing complaints against any company. Prior to working for Congress my mother, Sandy Dwyer, was a Senior Environmental Engineer. She would get many complaints from citizens. Her job was to inspect and process the complaints. One of the complaints was in reference to a sludge management plan. This was the practice of spreading manure on farm fields to help save money for farmers as well as meeting pollution prevention act to avoid irresponsible disposal or filling up landfills quickly.  She found out a neighbor boy could not handle the smell and would set off his asthma attacks. She was able to show other forms of fertilization instead of manure spreading. All in all, everything was kept anonymous.


When it comes to laws California and New York set examples for rest of the states. I live in Ohio. California, New York, and Ohio are in the top 10 states for setting precedent on all laws including Civil Rights, ADA, whistleblower, and other acts.


When new laws are enacted it takes a long time to get them through the Congress. Implementation has to be accepted by each state before each city implements fairness laws.


America-USA is known to have the most lawyers compared to any country. Next is the UK. We surpass the UK in terms of lawsuits. I think having so many lawyers keeps all employees and firms on their toes. Because of lawyers and the legal system we are able to set an example to the rest of the world when it comes to diversity. Most of the world comes in contact with a US influence through the military, USA firms or retail firms such as McDonald’s hamburgers and fries. Because of Civil Rights Act and diversity we hold no bars when it comes to going overseas and starting a business. Lawyers are utilized in this process to get the ball rolling overseas.


Thanks to law firms such as Steven and McMillan we as America, employees, and citizens are able to freely pursue any career without restrictions. Without law firms such as yours, only a few would benefit. Due to law firms like yours and our legal system we experience diversity and equal employment opportunities.