Designing your own Retail Boxes is a very important stage in your business. Your Retail Packaging Boxes should be able to fulfill all above-mentioned duties and be available at affordable prices at the same time.

Are you designing packaging boxes for your retail products with the aim to keep products safe and boost sales at the same time? If you are a product manufacturer, you would be well aware of the various roles packaging will play in your product’s lifecycle. Along with the actual quality of your products, packaging is also one of the most significant feature offering:

  • High quality product organization making it easier to package and retail
  • Keeping products safe and secure with its rigid protective materials
  • Offer attractive designs that attract attention and boost sales
  • Offer shelf based brand marketing for manufacturers with brand logo printing
  • Enabling manufacturers with printable space for product information

Retail Packaging Boxes

Designing your own Retail Boxes is a very important stage in your business. Your Retail Packaging Boxes should be able to fulfill all above-mentioned duties and be available at affordable prices at the same time. Whether you are going for Custom Gift Boxes for retail products or regular retail packaging ones, they should look great at all times. Here are some features to keep in mind when designing your Custom Retail Boxes for retail products:

Retail Specific Printed Designs

One of the major factors with retail packaging that you should always keep in mind is that it would have different specific designs. Where your shipping or storage specific product packaging can get away with simplest or even no designs, retail packaging needs its own unique designs. When it comes to printed designs, you will need to make them as catchy and attention grabbing as you possibly can. Especially when you have retail packaging in Custom Gift Boxes types, as attractive and fancy as it is, better it will perform.

However, one of the hardest things to achieve is to find that right balance in beautiful attractive designs and too much overdone designs. It is easy to make your printed designs look too much and do what they are not required to de. Such boxes can easy make potential buyers look past them and produce negative sales as a result. Getting your finished packaging designs printed and having a look at them closely might solve this problem.

Brand Logo and Product Name Printing

Then it comes to brand marketing from retail shelves. This is one of the most important features for your products and their packaging boxes. Custom Retail Boxes play a huge part in offering retail shelves based marketing that can be even more effective than any other forms of marketing. In supermarkets, when people walk in aisles, they are sure to lay eyes on your products packaged n their boxes. When you have brand logos printed in attractive ways, naturally, your brand will grow among the masses.

Packaging boxes

Some of the most popular and attractive brand logo printing techniques and finishes available when designing your own attractive Retail Packaging Boxes are:

  • Beautiful metallic foil stamping in customary gold or silver finish
  • Embossing or debossing for perfect logo representations
  • Custom raised ink printing for a luxurious look and feel for your brand logo
  • High definition logo printing in any fancy attractive colors.

Making Retail Boxes Attractive

The other factor you will always have keep in mind is to make your Retail Boxes as attractive as they possibly can be. Their actual color combinations or material surface finish can play a huge role in making them attractive. Here, again, you will have to find combinations that are not too much in the face and distraction. Instead, attractive and attention grabbing color combinations will work nicely in making potential buyers interested towards your products.

When selecting the surface finish options for your Custom Retail Boxes, you will have some different ones to choose from. High Gloss is usually a very reliable one making boxes shine bright on retail shelves. Elegant Matte finish never fails to bring that neat look making boxes look clean in design and attractive in finish. Spot UV is also a very popular surface finish option offering great results for retail packaging designs.

Keeping Products Safe and Protected

Overall, one of the main functional packaging is required for is to keep products safe and secure inside. Retail products come in different shapes, designs, forms and fragility levels. Packaging boxes need to have soft impact absorbing materials and yet be sturdy enough to handle everyday drops and spills efficiently.

custom cosmetic packaging

For these requirements, cardboard or cardstock is usually a great material choice offering soft yet rigid protection for all kinds of products. Cardboard can also be molded, folded and cut into any designs, shapes and sizes as required by your specific products. Retail Boxes made from cardboard are some of the most popular in the industry. When you also consider the enhanced print-ability of cardboard compared with many other materials, there really is no match for most products. Custom Retail Boxes made from cardboard available in multiple thickness levels often protect your products the most.

Choose the Right Sizes, Shapes and Designs

Having decided on the material and its thickness for your packaging boxes, you should get it processed from top packaging designers. When you make your own packaging boxes for retail purposes, you will always have the advantage of choosing just the right sizes, shapes and designs. This comes in handy offering you the versatility to customize your packaging boxes any way you prefer.

Custom Packaging

You will be able to also incorporate custom designs including clear windows, inner tray separations for various products, gable style boxes and many other design choices. All these various designs help make your boxes suitable for your products more while keeping all their other characteristics at the same time. Getting samples and giving your products a test run in their retail packaging is always the best approach for manufacturers.

Boosting Business Profits with Affordable Retail Packaging Boxes

Every product manufacturer wishes for maximum business profits in the long run. Retail Boxes that are available with all high quality features and yet at affordable bulk prices will always do best. Even when manufacturers design their own packaging boxes, they will have to get them made from packaging providers.

Packaging suppliers that you are planning to deal with for your wholesale retail packaging should be able to keep prices low. There should also be no compromised in any of their quality features. Top notch materials with efficient prints and designs should always make the cut. When you design your own boxes, you should be able to save the designing costs as well, making your boxes more affordable.