Are you into mining? Do you want to buy ASIC mining hardware which helps you to mine efficiently? Today, every 5th person is showing interest in cryptocurrency mining.

f you are into mining, then you should use the best mining hardware. Maybe you have seen many ads for Antminer l3+ for sale or any other mining hardware but if Antminer l3 makes the best choice because of the reasons.


Competitive Hashrate

The hashing power is one of the crucial things of any mining hardware. Antminer l3+ comes with an impressive hashing power of 255 MH/s which is surpassed by the hashing rate of Antminer l3+ which is 504MH/s. With raw hash rate, you don't know about the complete story. Whether you but l3+ Antminer or l3 Antminer, you get the major efficiency over the miner such as KnC Titan, A4 etc. Due to this, you will earn good profits.


Comparing to the current price of Litecoin, its difficulty and baseline 10c per kWh for power consumption, Antminer L3 will produce 3.5 LTC which will make around $165/week.


Consumes Little Electricity

The power consumption of Antminer l3 is 400W which cost around 10% of your profits which is around $16.80 a week. Antminer l3+ consumes 800W of power in order to get 500MH/s hashing power.


Antminer L3s are Light

When you buy antminer l3 with packaging, it weighs around 3 kg and without packaging, it only weighs 2.5 kg. However, if you buy antminer l3+ for sale, it comes with a weigh around 6.5 kg including packaging. L3 light weight design keeps its costs down.


Antminer L3s are Relatively Quiet

The single fan design of L3 provides a minimum of 60db. If you buy l3+ Antminer, it comes with dual fans which provide 75 dB to 95 dB which depends on the ambient temperature.


The Antminer L3 is Very Compact

The L3 comes with 23cm x 13.5 cm x 16 cm whereas L3+ has bigger size of 35 x 13 cm x 19 cm.


Antminer L3s are Scarce and Therefore Often Expensive

The process of antminer is often high because they are sold by mining distributor sites. Although, you can buy Antminer for sale online and save money. To mine cryptocurrencies efficiently and earn good amount of profit through mining then buy the best ASIC mining hardware. Antminer l3+ makes a good option to buy online.